The Sapphire HD 5770 FLEX is much like any other HD 5770 out there apart from one very important point, with a pair of DVI ports an HDMI port and a DisplayPort on the back this card can support 4 monitors.  Even better is the included HDMI to DVI adaptor which will allow you to use 3 DVI displays without having to resort to an expensive active DisplayPort to DVI adaptor.  Now, being an HD 5770 you have to make some allowances as you are not going to be driving Metro 2033 on three 30″ LCDs at full settings, but you should be able to manage many games on three monitors at 5760 x 1080 with lowered settings.  Check it out in action at Neoseeker.

“The Sapphire HD 5770 FLEX brings EyeFinity to the HD 5xxx series of graphics cards, supporting up to three monitors on a single card without resorting to DisplayPort connectors unless you want to add a FOURTH one. Neoseeker puts the card through its paces to see how well it handles all those displays.”

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