On PC Perspective Podcast #119 we had an email from a viewer wanting suggestions on how to reduce his HTPCs power consumption and noise.  While we did have a few suggestions it looks like [H]ard|OCP has a definitive answer on at least one of his questions, how to get rid of the fan on his CPU cooler.  The Thermalright HR-02 is designed to be a passive heatsink for 130W TDP processors although you could add a quiet fan to it if you wished.  The cooler weighs in at 860g and is 110mm x 140mm x 160mm so case size will be a consideration.  They tested it with a Core i7 920 and you can see the results in the full review.

“Looking to cool a 130 watt processor with a passive heatsink? I am not sure many of us are, but if you are looking to silence a powerhouse enthusiast system, passive cooling is now a way you can go. We have a look at Thermalright’s passive HR-02. And yes, you can put a “silent” fan on it as well if you wish.”

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