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The second annual PC Perspective Hardware Workshop is coming up very soon! August 14th in Dallas, Texas during the Quakecon 2010 BYOC/Tournament is date and place that you need to get in on the show! We will have some cool technology demonstrations as well as $25,000 in prizes to raffle off!!!
UPDATE: The event was a great success and you can see all of our coverage of the swag, hardware and presentations by clicking over to the next page!!!

PC Perspective Hardware Workshop 2010 @ Quakecon 2010 - Shows and Expos 31

Quakecon 2010 – Main Stage

Saturday, August 14th @ 1pm CT


Watch the entire hardware workshop on UStream!

It is that time of year ago as we are in the final stages of preparing for the 2nd Annual PC Perspective Hardware Workshop to be held this Saturday, August 14th at 1pm CT (2pm ET, 11am PT) in Dallas, Texas.  The crew at Quakecon was kind enough to invite us back for the 2010 iteration of the show and we are going to try and top last year’s show with more and more giveaways!  Be sure you make the pilgrimage to Dallas for one weekend of PC gaming mayhem that you won’t forget and then have the chance to stop by our own workshop to walk away with some free stuff!  

And hey, even if you aren’t going to the BYOC or aren’t interested in the tournaments, the event is still 100% free and you can come check out the workshop, no strings attached!

Case Mod Competition

Along with the Hardware Workshop, PC Perspective is sponsoring and judging the annual case mod contest!  There are two categories for the competition: “from scratch” and “pre-fab” that will allow those that build their computer enclosures from the ground up to compete separately from those that heavily modify their existing cases and systems.

On Friday the PCPer staff will be wandering around the BYOC area looking at the various entries for the mod contest (sign up to enter during registration) and will then select two finalists from each competition category, “pre-fab” and “from scratch”.  Those finalists will be asked to bring their systems to the Hardware Workshop on Saturday to show off the designs, explain the detailed work that went into each and what they learned during the modification process.  On stage we will select one of the two competitors for each category as the WINNER and while all four participants will take home some kick-ass hardware, the category winners will each get one of the 100 raffle tickets for TWO 2011 Shelby Mustang GTs!!!

Have questions?  Email!

Steaming Live!

We are working hard to configure a system that will allow us to reliably stream the workshop to all those thousands of fans that would love to attend but just couldn’t make it to Quakecon for it.  Check back here the day of the show (or maybe on Thursday for John Carmack’s keynote) to see our streaming up and running and we may even have some surprises just for those of you watching at home or on the road!!

Prize Listing (Subject to change)
  • Antec 
    • 3 x Six Hundred cases
    • 3 x EA-500 PSUs
    • 3 x NBC200 notebook cooler
  • AMD
    • 4 x Phenom II X6 1055T 6-core processors
  • ASUS 
    • Powered by ASUS Gaming System
      • Configured and Tuned by Digital Storm
      • Intel Core i5-655K processor
      • Corsair memory, power supply and SSD
  • Cooler Master 
    • 1 x HAF X case
    • 1 x HAF Black case
    • 2 x V6GT cooler
    • 1 x SPG1200W PSU
    • 1 x SPG1000W PSU
    • 3 x GX750W PSU
    • 1 x Sniper Black case
    • 1 x Scout case
    • 3 x Inferno mice
  • Corsair 
    • 1 x Obsidian 700D
    • 3 x Hydro H70 cooler
    • 3 x Hydro H50 cooler
    • 3 x A70 cooler
    • 3 x A50 cooler
    • 3 x F40 Force series SSD
  • ECS 
    • 1 x A890GXM-A motherboard
    • 1 x NBGTX250E graphics card
    • 40 x Tshirts
    • 40 x Polos
  • Galaxy 1000
    • 1 x GTX 470 GC graphics card
    • 2 x GTX 460 GC 1GB graphics card
    • 1 x GTX 460 768MB graphics card
    • 1 x GTS 250 graphics card
  • MSI 
    • 1 x XPower motherboard
    • 1 x GTX470 graphics card
    • 1 x P55A-GD65 motherboard
    • 1 x 870A-G54 motherboard
    • 20 x Metro 2033 games
    • 10 x Tshirts
    • 500 x Tshirts
    • 500 x Metro 2033/Just Cause 2 games
    • 6 x GTX 465
    • 6 x GTX 460
    • 5 x Razer gaming headsets
    • 15 x NVIDIA Snuggies
  • NZXT 
    • 1 x Cryo S notebook cooler
    • 1 x Avatar mouse
    • 1 x Tempest Evo case
    • 1 x Vulcan case
  • OCZ Technology 
    • 4 x Vertex 2 SSDs
    • 50 x mouse mats
    • 1 x OCZ700SXS2 PSU
    • 1 x OCZ700MXSP PSU
    • 3 x OCZ DDR3 memory kits
  • Patriot Memory 
    • 4 x DDR3 memory kits
    • 4 x Patriot SSDs
    • 2 x 32GB USB drives
    • 2 x Patriot Box Office
  • Puget Systems 2500
    • Serenity 20db complete gaming system (!!)
      • Intel Core i5-750 CPU
      • Intel X25-M 80GB SSD
      • Antec P183 Case
      • Antec CP-850 PSU
  • Sapphire 350
    • 1 x Sapphire HD 5770 Flex
    • 1 x HD 5670 1GB
    • 1 x Sapphire Backpack
  • Seasonic 
    • 1 x X650 PSU
  • Thermaltake 
    • 3 x Armor A90 case
    • 5 x BlacX duet
    • 5 x Mobile Fan 12
    • 5 x ISGC Fan 12
    • 10 x Hammer balloons
  • Western Digital 
    • 10 x Velociraptor 600GB
    • 5 x Caviar Black 1TB
  • XFX 
    • 1 x 850W PSU
    • 1 x 750W PSU
    • 1 x 650W PSU
  • Zalman 
    • 1 x CNPS10X Extreme cooler
    • 1 x VF3000A cooler
In total, we have about $25,000 worth of goods to give away – that’s right just GIVE AWAY – to those in attendance at the workshop this coming Saturday!!! Come in, get your raffle ticket, enjoy the show and hopefully you’ll be walking out with some great hardware as a sweet parting gift.  This is our chance to give back to the community that keeps PC Perspective, as well as the other hardware site and hardware vendors, in business and keeps us interesting throughout the year!  

The big highlights are the two complete systems that are going to raffled off on stage: ASUS and Digital Storm and providing a “Built by ASUS” system that will make you the envy of the BYOC and Puget Systems also was kind enough to donate a killer gaming rig that is also nearly completely silent

It’s going to be a great time – see you there!!

PC Perspective Hardware Workshop 2010 @ Quakecon 2010 - Shows and Expos 32

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