If you are looking to boost the audio on your laptop by carrying around some extra speakers you run the risk of an encumbrance penalty, as the speakers large enough to sound good are bulky and the tiny ones tend to sound no better than the ones built into the laptop.  The Choiix Boom Boom compromises and comes in a form reminiscent of an iPhone (12mm x 160mm x 90mm), though in reality it is a clamshell which opens to reveal the grill covering the 4 speakers inside.  Powered by USB and connected via a 3.5mm RCA jack so there will be a pair of wires connecting the speaker.  Overclockers Club found the audio to be passable, not high quality but certainly an improvement over many mobile speaker choices.

“Music played on the Boom Boom, which were 320 kbps MP3s, sounds fairly nice and has much better bass response than my MacBook Pro. When the lid is closed, however, the sound quality suffers. Also, when the volume increased, some distortion was apparent, but not nearly as much as other speakers.”

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