Sold separately and reviewed together by Bjorn3D, the Razer Imperator mouse and Vespula dual sided mouse mat do seem a good pairing.  The mouse keeps with Razer’s tradition of sensitive sensors, 5600DPI this time, and the mat not only provides a smooth surface it also comes with a gel wrist rest.  Apart from the lack of a physical driver disk, requiring you to download them from the Razer site Bjorn3D was quite satisfied with the performance of both the mouse and the pad it glides on.
“Razer is a well known company for all types of gaming peripherals and the quality that they are able to reproduce on all of their new gaming mice for multiple types of games not only shows their consistency, but their genuine care for the consumer.

When most people get a new mouse the first thing they are worried about is the adjustment period. The Razer Imperator has one of the quickest adjustment periods and the most enjoyable because as you adjust, you start to really notice the quality behind the mouse that fits anyone’s hands.”

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