Samsung’s U250 hides a Core 2 Duo T6600, 4GB of DDR3, a 500GB HDD and a DVD-Dual layer drive behind a 23″ 1920×1080 touchscreen display.  The Inquirer like the look of it much more than the earlier U200 as the display has been improved but unfortunately the multi-touch capabilities have not.  The system lacks the power for high end gaming at decent resolutions but there were no issues with DVD playback or with watching YouTube videos.  Other all-in-one PCs have better capabilities but Samsung has improved their design from the previous model and given this system a nice look and enough performance for casual usage.

“SAMSUNG’S FIRST FORAYS into touchscreen All-In-One (AIO) PCs have been a mixed blessing. Its low-end touchscreen U200 for the Dixons Saturday buyer masses was mostly a misfired attempt. It was underspecced and overly chunky, featuring a terrible unresponsive display with no centralised management touch software hub. Now in the same portfolio of AIOs, Samsung has let The INQUIRER have a look at its U250, an entirely different machine despite having nearly the same name.”

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