The Seagate Momentus XT is a 2.5″, 500GB drive with a flashy little secret, 4GB of SLC flash memory to act as a sort of supercharged cache.  X-bit Labs went through a long series of benchmarks to determine just what this drive can do to take advantage of its flash memory and where it remains at the same performance level as a regular HDD.  For instance one of the more telling tests was the WinRar compression test.  Using the flash for reads when packing the rar file worked very well but when it came to unraring that file the Momentus XT ended up at the bottom of the pack.

“When they launch new drive series, it is especially interesting to find out what innovations they made to justify the appearance of the entire new series. With Seagate Momentus XT we knew right from the start: this drive combines magnetic platters and flash memory in one package. How cool is that? Find out from our new article.”

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