[H]ard|OCP just finished reviewing the Astro A40 Gaming Headset and MixAmp as a set but ended their review recommending the purchase of the MixAmp alone.  The reason for this is not that the headphones are awful but the competition they face at the $200 mark does the job better.  It is the less familiar part that takes kudos away from their review as it can do many tricks without needed the A40 to do so.  The MixAmp is indeed an amp and mixer, making the odd name a little more comprehensible and it will work with any headphones; that flexibility is to be admired.  Not only will it upscale stereo into 5.1 audio, it is capable of taking in other signals, for instance it has been seen working as a guitar amp.  You can also string numerous MixAmps together and create a private team channel for gaming without the need for Teamspeak or other programs.  Check out the full review to see the other uses that people have come up with for this odd little item.

“Astro Studios is famous among console gamers even if you don’t know why. It designed the XBOX 360, but can a bunch of design gurus put together a team to build a gaming headset that is worth $250? We have learned that looking cool and sounding great are two different things in our past reviews. Can Astro pull it off?”

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