The OCZ Agility 2 (E) SSD delivered a read throughput of around 283 MB/s when Tech ARP tested it with WinBench 99 Version 2.0 and it traded wins with the Intel X25M G2 for write speeds depending on the test and the size of the write being performed.  Tech ARP does raise concerns about the issue that has accompanied OCZ opening up more of the flash memory for use, as it can shorten the lifespan of the drive.  Still, 10,000 writes is several years of usage and you can bet that SSDs or a new type of storage will be even faster at that point.

“OCZ Technology has one of the most extensive SSD line-ups in the industry. They not only offer solid state drives in the traditional 1.8″, 2.5″ or 3.5” hard disk drive form factors, but also less common upgrade paths like PCI Express and USB 3.0.

Their 2.5″ SATA family alone offers four different product segments :

  • Maximum Performance / Enterprise : OCZ Vertex 2 EX, OCZ Vertex 2 Pro and OCZ Vertex EX
  • Performance / Enterprise : OCZ Vertex Limited Edition, OCZ Agility 2 and OCZ Vertex 2
  • Mainstream : OCZ Vertex · Value : OCZ Onyx

Today, we will be looking at the OCZ Agility 2 (E) 60 GB solid state drive, which is one of their Performance / Enterprise-grade solid state drives.”

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