At 825g the Thermalright Silver Arrow is not the heaviest heatsink on the market but with measurements of 147 x 123 x 160mm it is one of the biggest.  They opted for some rather unique looking 140mm fans to provide airflow, with round casing that tries to ameliorate the size of the cooler but this heatsink is still only going to fit in the deepest of cases.  In the testing OCC performed with the cooler the only other competition that could manage to come close to the Silver Arrow was the Prolimatech Super Mega; impressive to say the least.  The large fans helped keep the noise down but the size of this cooler cannot be dismissed, case depth and even motherboard layout are key to ensuring you can still access important parts of your motherboard with this cooler installed so do some measuring before you buy it.

“As I stated earlier, the 12v connector on the motherboard was difficult to access with the heatsink installed, and I almost had to unscrew the motherboard and tilt it out to get it to plug in. This is something that consumers will have to get used to either way, because as processors get hotter, the coolers will continue to increase in size unless a manufacturer has a mega breakthrough in cooling technology. Regardless, the Thermalright Silver Arrow is a significant contender to the current market of heatsinks and is a great choice for anyone searching for a new, high end heatsink and is not afraid of dealing with its massive size.”

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