Before testing ExtremeTech was already having mixed thoughts about VisionTek’s new Killer 2100, based off of Bigfoot Networks KillerNIC design.  On the plus side at $90 it is cheaper than its predecessors but they had concerns about the automatic firmware upgrade it immediately did upon use as not every firmware upgrade goes smoothly especially if the new image is broken.  When they started testing it was the usual story, the software provided allowed for very granular control over the network connections of various programs but did not have a large effect on latencies when gaming.  It would seem fine for a $5000 gaming PC but not a very good investment for the normal gamer.
“VisionTek has released a souped-up gaming network card that could be worth buying for reasons other than performance. The Killer 2100, again based on Bigfoot Networks’ reference design, is the latest in a line of NICs that purport to reduce latency and ping times while gaming. But the Killer 2100 also offers a bevy of useful software monitoring tools, and it rings in at a just-reduced price of $89.99. That’s $40 less than its retail cost at launch just two months ago.”

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