QuakeCon 2010 has ended, which means it is time to see just what PC Perspective was up to in Austin, Texas.  The big news was the Hardware Workshop in which about $25,000 worth of hardware and other goodies were given out to attendees of the con and you can see a video of what took place.  Some of the prizes required skill and ingenuity to win.  There was more than just the giveaway taking place and there are plenty of pictures for you to peruse; Day 1 had some very interesting speakers and as well as nice displays by the companies sponsoring the event.  Day 2 was very busy, with several sneak peeks at games, overclocking and of course the case mod contest.  Just don’t mention the Mustangs to the guy who sold his ticket for $200 … a ticket which later turned out to be one of the two winning tickets.

“The 2nd Annual PC Perspective Hardware Workshop at this year’s Quakecon was a huge success as we gave out more than $30,000 in hardware. Our friends at ASUS hooked attendees up an indepth look at overclocking with ASUS’s high-end Rampage and Maximus series of motherboards. NVIDIA also gave a short PhysX presentation and handed out hundreds of t-shirts and “snuggies” to the crowd.”

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