Here at PC Perspective, as well as at other sites like TechSpot, the focus was on performance.  The amount of change in hardware over the past decade means a lot to this new StarCraft, as the original did not have to worry about leveraging multiple cores on single CPUs or 3D effects using multiple GPUs.  Many will find the results an interesting look at a game that has been in development as long as a certain FPS but has actually stuck with a technology long enough to release a finished product.

Other sites like Digital Trends and HEXUS focused on the gameplay aspects, describing what new elements Blizzard has brought to this classic and trying to describe a bit of the single player campaign without dropping spoilers.  They also delved into the multiplayer aspects as that is pretty much the only way you will get to experience the other two races.  Ars Technica looked at the game as well and succinctly summed up the lack of LAN support, “Yes, this sucks. There is no getting around it. It’s not friendly to gamers, it’s annoying, and it’s a mistake.”

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