A few years ago we lived through an age of force feedback devices.  Not just mice and joysticks, there was the infamous Buttkicker, which placed a subwoofer in a chair to give your whole body a shake during gaming.  There were also numerous headphones which offered a similar experience, pummelling your head when the bass soared.  It seems that ASUS would like to revive that fad, as their soon to be released CineVibe headset.  See the preview at OCIA.

“Today, we are reviewing the Asus CineVibe headset. This particular headset has one feature that makes it stand out from the rest: it vibrates. The CineVibe headset comes equipped with a vibration unit installed in each earpiece, which shake in real time with the bass levels of the speakers. This product isn’t quite yet released by Asus at this point, hence the lack of design and labeling on the box. You can expect more on that front soon.”

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