The Zotac GTX 460 Amp! Edition sports a 100MHz overclock on its GDDR5 and a 135MHz overclock on the GPU core and seems to sit at about the limit of the silicon on this card as TechPowerUp couldn’t get much more out of the card when they tried pushing it further.   They benchmarked it on over a dozen games as well as the usual benchmarks and saw slightly better performance than the stock GTX 460 so the actual street pricing on this card is going to be very important.  The custom cooler was effective but they were sad to see that it did not extend to the GDDR5.

“ZOTAC’s new GTX 460 Amp! Edition is the highest clocked GTX 460 version available right now. Its clock speeds of 810 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory ensure it delivers substantially improved performance over the GTX 460 reference design. ZOTAC is also using a custom cooling solution and includes a full version of Prince of Persia with their card.”

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