At 1500W the Silverstone Strider ST1500 might give you some sort of bragging rights but you should really make sure that you need that much power before running out to buy one.  Being able to provide 1320W at 110A will keep three overclocked GTX 480s fed and running but this Strider will still have untapped power in reserve.  On the plus side, it does run off of a 120v line so you won’t need an electrician to bring in a special 240v line and it delivers high quality power off of the normal voltage making it rather attractive even if [H]ard|OCP would like to see the warranty extended beyond 3 years.

“SilverStone raises its flagship Strider PSU to what is the near-limit of wattage you can pull out a normal North American wall plug. At 1500 watts continuous and 1600 watts peak this power supply will hopefully get the job done for you. Let’s see how it holds up under full load.”

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