Ah, the thrill and excitement of owning a PC.  It isn’t just about pushing for an overclock, fragging your friends and laughing at the mangled grammar on spam emails you know, the real way to get your blood rushing through your body is to boot up your PC and see “BIOS ROM checksum error”.  If you have never experienced that before you can live vicariously through this thread in the forums.  For something a little less extreme you could try working out why your network traffic speeds are so abysmal, which should keep you occupied for a while.  For the more advanced cases of PC Madness, might we suggest ripping apart a Lincoln Navigator for spare cooling parts?

If your hardware is all behaving properly and it frustrates you that you can’t find a way to torture it more, then head to The Trading Post, maybe you can find someone of a similar bent to swap with and you can get into trouble with hardware that is new to you.  If you come up with any interesting questions or stories you should consider leaving us a message so we can talk about it on the next PC Perspective Podcast, the more content our forums and our podcast has, the better!