13 long years ago we were promised a new and improved Duke Nukem and we have been waiting ever since.   The game has gone through a long and twisted history, leaving game engines behind, ruining careers and even destroying the occasional game design company.  Unfortunately the long sordid story behind the development of the game, which you can catch a summary of on Ars Technica, has a good chance of being more entertaining than the game its self.  Of course, even with gameplay footage on film, don;t hold your breath as we’ve been this close before.

If you are old enough to have played Duke 3D and know his roots from prior 2D scrollers then you are probably old enough that this project, hacking Wing Commander 1 through 4 to run on Windows 7 will impress you more than the possible return of the mighty boot.

“Duke Nukem Forever was announced in 1997, after its predecessor, Duke Nukem 3D, had rocked the PC market with a hero who liked kicking ass, hanging out with strippers, and murdering alien police officers that were, literally, pigs. It was inappropriate, raunchy, and amazing.”

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