Where Legit Reviews found the SoundRacer V10 Engine Sound Effects gadget may be a mystery but not as big a mystery as who would spend almost $50 for it.  By plugging it into your car you can broadcast the sound of a high performance engine over FM radio, turning the sound of your rust bucket to a more impressive roar.  Of course that will only help if you can get it to work, something Legit Reviews failed at on many cars.  Once the novelty has worn out, at least you can also use it to stream audio from a portable music device in the same manner.

“Have you ever said to yourself, “Hey, I wish my quiet family car sounded like a formula one race car”? I know I haven’t. Well, if you are one of the people that answered yes to that question boy do you need to keep reading this article because the SoundRacer V10 is just what you have been looking for. Not only does the V10 make your car sound like a super sports car, it also doubles as an audio device connection in your car just in case it didn’t come with one and you want to listen to some music from your IPod or Zune or whatever it is you use.”

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