The Antec Dark Fleet DF-35 Mid Tower is a new addition to a growing lineup of Dark Fleet cases, so named for the Fleet-Release access for hot swapping SATA HDDs.  Apart from that feature you will also find serious air cooling including a large fan that is intended to pull heat away from your graphics cards.  What you do not find is tool less assembly, nor a removable motherboard tray which is part of why Think Computers was not terribly impressed with this case overall.

“Earlier this year Antec announced its Dark Fleet case series. It included four different cases, the DF-85 a full tower chassis and three mid tower chassis’s: DF-35, DF-30 and DF-10. Designed to fit the latest components and support the latest technologies. Antec’s introduced two new features with this case line. The first “Fleet- Release” which gains easy access to the hard drive cage, which brings us on to the second feature “Fleet-Swap”, a set of hot swappable drive bays which can be moved up and down the hard drive cage. Read on further to see the many other uniq ue features to this case.”

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