A smartphone with the theoretical graphical power of a PS3 is on the horizon thanks to Marvell’s new ARMADA 628.  This is not the ARM9 Cortex that we have been hearing about from ARM, Marvell is licensed to modify ARM architecture and this is what they have come up with for the GPU component on their new chip.  Pushing 80% of the total triangles a PS3’s GPU can manage on a screen the size that a smartphone posses may seem like overkill and with the power of the other components it seems likely Marvell is looking to tablets for its next target.  Ars Technica can tell you more about the generalities of the chip but they have not yet seen any specific design diagrams … yet.

“Yesterday, Marvell announced a whopper of a processor—the ARMADA 628. While most of the coverage so far has focused on the three A9-class processor cores, the craziest feature of this chip is its on-die GPU. The 628’s GPU can push 200 million triangles per second (MT/s); for some perspective, compare the Playstation 3’s GPU at 250MT/s This GPU, plus the three Sheeva PJ4 cores, means that you can put console-caliber gaming performance— 1080p graphics and all—in a handheld.”

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