The ASRock 880G Extreme3 motherboard packs a lot of features for a board you can pick up for $110.  You will find two USB 3.0 ports, six SATA6 Gb/s ports and even an eSATA3 port on the back.  Onboard is AMD’s HD4250 GPU which won’t get you gaming in style but means you can choose whether to purchase a discreet GPU or if you are not going to push it, to remain with the embedded solution.  In the BIOS ACC can help you unlock any cores that might be disabled on your Athlon or Phenom and as for overclocking, Legit Reviews had no problems coaxing an extra gigahertz out of their Phenom 2 X3 720.

“The performance of the ASRock 880G Extreme3 was just as we expected. It performs very well and gives you a great platform for your upgrade dollars. As a bonus, UCC was able to unlock the fourth core, which not all boards (like the ECS board we tested against) are able to do. You will not be disappointed with the way this board handles at all…”

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