As [H]ard|OCP points out, BioStar is not exactly a top of mind mention for enthusiasts when they think of motherboard makers, whereas the chipsets they use, the 890FX and SB850 are the top of the line for AMD. The end result is a mixed bag, while one reviewer saw a 19 hour, ridiculously hot torture test of Prime95 go without a problem another couldn’t manage more than a few minutes before problems cropped up.  [H] was not amused.

“BioStar is one of those companies that’s generally well known for making boards which are frankly not targeted toward the enthusiast market. However that changed a few years back when they introduced their T-Force line of boards aimed at the high end. Surprisingly to us, T-Force motherboards have been solid contenders for a couple years now. How does its newest fare? ”

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