Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Final Thoughts


Case Appeals AVZ Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 38

We put in our order to Case Appeals and within a little over a week we received the creation you see above. The entire case is just beautiful and highlights PC Perspective and the hardware perfectly. The acrylic motherboard tray lights up very well and the two 120mm fans actually push a lot of air under the motherboard. If I had any suggestions for improvement, it would be adding better cooling for the hard drive bay. There’s plenty of room to add a fan bracket so users can add an additional 120mm fan so the hard drives stay nice and cool. It would have also been cool to add more lighting under the top panel so it would add a spot light effect over the motherboard.


Case Appeals AVZ Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 39

Here’s the final AVZ case on the 2010 Quakecon stage during our annual hardware workshop. We had tons of people taking photos of it and commenting on its awesomeness. It was a fun build and we enjoyed working with Steve from Case Appeals on the overall design and graphics concepts.




Case Appeals AVZ Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 40

The AVZ can be purchased at Case Appeals for a starting price of $170 before shipping. Customers can request graphics and other custom options using their contact form on the website for an additional cost.




Case Appeals AVZ Test Bench Review - Cases and Cooling 41

We’d like to thank Steve at Case Appeals for all his hard work he did on our PC Perspective AVZ case we showcased at this year’s Quakecon gaming event. It was center show piece at our hardware workshop and brought many oohs and aahs from those attendees who could truly see the craftsmanship and creativity that went into designing our AVZcase. We also received great customer service when we had to get the bottom acrylic case replaced too. Overall, we throughly enjoyed the AVZ case and would definitely recommend Case Appeals for future show cases or even a few test benches for our labs!

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