The CoolerMaster HAF series of cases has been around a wee bit now and has devoted followers as they are high end enclosures done well.  That does put them out of the target price range of many PC enthusiasts who are far more concerned about what goes inside the case and how well it performs as opposed to how it looks.  The new HAF 912 will retail for about $60, well under the asking price of the rest of the HAF family and all they really did was remove some fans and leave the interior unpainted.  See it for yourself at Legit Reviews.

“With the Cooler Master HAF 912 enthusiast PC case coming out at the $60 mark it makes the case more than affordable for the masses. You also get a very nice feature set right out of the box that allows the case to grow with your system and your needs. Costing almost half what its closest sibling does the HAF 912 would be a great fit for just about any level of user. The official launch date is the 14th of September, and at that time the HAF 912 will be available on e-tail and retail outlets…”

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