The Corsair Obsidian series of enclosures has been around for a while now so it doesn’t seem so strange that a memory maker is providing PC cases.  They’ve now branched out into mid-size towers with their new Graphite series of cases.  They are still fairly large, the 600T model that Legit Reviews received is 20″ x 23.3″ x 10.4″ which should comfortably fit most coolers.  Make sure to check out the cable management features when you read the review.

“Corsair says right on the box for the Graphite 600T, “Brilliant design, inside and out” and I pretty much have to agree. I’m looking at the Graphite 600T like it is the Obsidian 700D and 800D’s sexy sister in the little black dress and curves in all the right places. It just looks great, tons of room and super easy to work with. The paint and finish of the Graphite 600T has a great look to it, and it resisted finger prints rather well. Also being able to lift and maneuver the Graphite 600T by the lips on the front and rear bezels is nice. It’s a natural grabbing point and the bezels are strong so no worries of ripping one off the chassis…”

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