The new Inspiron from Dell is called the M101z and it is an AMD powered 11.6″ netbook.  Powered by the Athlon 2 Neo K325 @ 1.3GHz a pair of 2GB DDR3-1333 DIMMs from Samsung that actually run at 800MHz and the graphics are provided by the 785GX chipset, so a Radeon 4200 Series.  Hardware Heaven was impressed with the internals but what really got them excited was the style apparent in the casing of this netbook.

“There are alternatives to the Atom platform and one of the major competitors is AMD’s Athlon 2 Neo range. Combined with a DirectX 10.1 GPU it forms a well-balanced platform, one which Dell has chosen to base their latest ultra-portable system on. For those who want something a little bigger than the standard 10″ netbook today we have the Inspiron M101z which is an AMD Vision based 11.6″ laptop.”

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