Picking up a Core i3, i5 or certain i7 CPUs does limit you to dual channel memory if you use an H55 based board and many feel that going that route limits your RAM.  Really, the difference between triple channel and dual channel RAM is minuscule and there is no reason you can’t have large amounts of RAM on a dual channel system.  G.Skill makes this obvious with their 8GB Trident 2000 MHz DDR3 CL9 kit, a pair of 4GB DIMMs @ CL9-9-9-27 and running 1.65V.  TechPowerUp found a variety of ways to overclock the kit and even managed to squeeze in the dual fan cooler on their test motherboard.

“The G.Skill 8 GB 2000 MHz kit manages to offer high capacity, nicely packaged within tall and solid heatspreaders. The active cooling bracket lights up blue and we push the memory & test bench to the limit to see what this kit is capable of.”

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