Enermax’s Revolution85+ 1020W promises two things, the ability to power an insanelyEnermax Revolution85+ 1020W, the lesser of two twins - Cases and Cooling 2 energy hungry PC as well as the ability to do so efficiently.  It makes one wonder why there is a 1050W model from the same series for sale at a similar price point.  That point is hard to put aside, as it gives [H]ard|OCP a direct comparison which is why in the end they cannot recommend this PSU.  It is not a bad PSU by any means, it is just that the 1050W model is of better quality and costs pretty much the same to pick up.

“Efficiency as a goal. Future CPU proof and future GPU proof as a goal. Enermax has set the bar high and that is what we like to see out of one of our favorite PSU companies. Does the new Revolution85+ bound over that bar or just limbo under it?”

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