The beer and pretzels game of choice has been Halo for a lot of people for quite a long time.  Mostly a multiplayer experience, though some enjoy playing through the game multiple times on higher difficulties, it seems that Reach has a lot to make up for as ODST was apparently not very popular.  Ars Technica takes you through an overview of the game; perhaps you can read it while standing in line waiting for the release.

“That can’t be a spoiler at this point, can it? The 2001 Halo novel was called The Fall of Reach, for crying out loud. It’s not a subtle reference in the world of Halo. We know that Master Chief is the last surviving Spartan throughout the other Halo games, making Reach something like the Star Wars prequels; we get to see other Spartans fight at the height of their power. Noble Team is ready for anything, eminently capable, and tough as nails. The game details their efforts on a planet we know is doomed. It feels like a tragedy from the beginning, and the ending scene… well, it’s something you’ll have to experience. People are going to talk about it.”

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