Origin PC’s Big O desktop, both the ~$8,000 and the ~$17,000 versions, contain a watercooled XBox360 Slim and a Core i7 based gaming rig.  You can contrast the difference between a console and PC version of the same game with ease and pretend that you are simply playing a PC port of a console game on occasion.  Give both of your gaming sides a dream with a little visit to Engadget to see the full stats on the Big O.

“Oh, sure — we’ve seen an Xbox 360 enclosure stuffed with x86 innards, but we can’t say we’ve ever seen anything quite like this. Gaming upstart Origin PC has just shattered every preconceived notion about its potential with the Big O, an appropriately titled luxury machine that combines a liquid-cooled gaming PC with a liquid-cooled Xbox 360 Slim. In one box.”

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