Today Intel released an update to their SSD Toolbox software package. Added features consist of a System Configuration Tuner and the ability to secure erase Intel-branded SSD’s. You can secure erase an Intel SSD provided no partition is present (i.e. it can not be the system boot drive).

Intel SSD Toolbox 2.0 Released. Adds configuration tweaks and secure erase. - Storage 2

I did some quick testing and found good compatibility even when using an Intel SSD connected to a non-Intel SATA controller (with AHCI enabled).

The new SSD Toolbox is now available for download here, so go grab it!
An update of the Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox is now available for Intel SSD users. New features include a System Configuration Tuner to help users configure their system for optimal SSD performance, power efficiency and endurance. The toolbox is a free, downloadable utility that helps manage the health of your Intel SSD. Download it at: Check out the full multimedia press kit at