Ars Technica has a bit of information on several projects currently being funded to find a way to improve the basic protocol on which the web works, to allow it to continue to function.  The first looks at Named Data Networking (NDN) which plans to move the current model of shifting data from secure store to secure store and instead simply making the data its self secure and ignoring the store upon which it resides.  Another called NEBULA tries to make sure that data follows a cryptographically confirmable secure path so that data can be verified as unchanged from its pre-transmitted form.  Read up on them all here.

“Judging by the National Science Foundation’s latest grants for Internet development, our universities are packed with scientists who think that the ‘Net is woefully unprepared for the future, and are anxious to tackle the problem. In fact, these people can’t wait to untether cyberspace from its current rules and architectures.”

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