Legit Reviews is taking on a rather odd piece of software called the Genaudio Astoundsound Audio Expander.  It is a competitor to another piece of software whose name might be vaguely familiar to those of you who have seen a lot of PC speakers over the years, the SRS Labs HD Audio Lab.  While the Genaudio products features are trimmed down compared to SRS Labs product, as far as Legit Reviews could tell that only made the program easier to use.  The quality was every bit as good to their ears.

“Astoundsound Expander processes a single output of audio, and if you happen to have more than one output it allows you to choose the output you wish to use. It is much simpler to use than the SRS Labs’ HD Audio Lab; basically, all you really have to do is install it and it sits in your system tray and processes the audio. But please don’t take “simpler to use” as a negative, as that is just simply not the case. The audio sounds every bit as good as its competitor and it doesn’t require a ton of adjustments. Astoundsound Audio Expander 3.0 is equipped with the ability to change the settings to choose between whether you want to listen to movies, music or games, as well as the ability to change the actual intensity of the effects processing and it has a preamp feature that lets you add or take away gain from the audio…”

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