If somehow the PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard hasn’t given you the inspiration you need to build a new PC, or you can’t afford the $5,500 EVGA Classified SR-2 based uber system then perhaps what you seek is at Ars Technica.  The have three different system recommendations from the $800 Athlon II X3 based Budget Box to the $12,600 God Box.  They include every part you might need from the CPU to the monitor, so check out what they consider the best build choices going.

“After a long hiatus, the Ars Technica System Guide finally returns.

The main three-box System Guide leads off the return, with the traditional Budget Box, Hot Rod, and God Box addressing three different price points in the market. The main System Guide’s boxes are general-purpose systems with a strong gaming focus, which means you won’t find any office boxes or bargain-basement machines here.”

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