There is quite a bit of news that came out of the Global Foundries Global Technologies Conference that shows what the future of GF looks like.  You may have heard of Freescale, whose thin film storage technology is found in non-volatile flash memory called FlexMemory are partnering with GF to start to produce 90nm EEPROM flash memory.  This represents another non-AMD contract that AMDs semi-detached manufacturing arm will be working with.

If the 90nm process doesn’t intrigue you then perhaps more information on the 28nm process ARM processor that was mentioned yesterday will.  Once full results come back in later this year we will know exactly what the changes to the Cortex will be but ARM is expecting a 40% increase in computing performance along with a 30% cut in power consumption, and even better they expect standby battery life to be double what the the 40nm generation provided.

Lastly they discussed the future of their 28nm process as well as giving details on theways they will utilize the process to create two new families of chips.  The current chips are tagged as High Performance and we will see High Performance Plus chips reach an additional 10% performance boost above the current HP chips.  There will also be Super Low Power chips designed with power savings in mind from their very inception; all chips will share the same high-K metal gate technology.  You can also read about their current plans to move to the next generation of process which will see 22nm Super High Performance chips and 20nm Super Low Power chips.

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