It seems a really good idea keeping an eye on graphics driver updates right now, with a battle for one of the sweetest spots for gamers being fought between single card and dual card setups that cost about the same price.  The contenders are the GTX 480 and 460 SLI as well as the 5870 in CrossFireX and the variable is the ability for the driver to improve scaling in new versions.  Since an extra card has been added, the ability for the driver to work properly often changes from game to game and when you bring multiple monitors into the equation it can change even more.  Check out the results that [H]ard|OCP saw her.

“We re-visit SLI and CrossFireX comparisons today using three different games than we used in previous testing. We compare performance in ARMA II, Crysis Warhead and Mafia II and see if CrossFireX can keep up with SLI scaling with each using the newest drivers.”

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