Specifications and Packaging

NMediaPC 1080P Specifications



  • HTPC 1080P


  • Black


  • 17″(W) x “3.9”(H) x 16.3″(D)


  • Aluminum / Steel


  • Supports Micro-ATX and Mini ITX

Power Supply

  • Supports ATX PSU (not included)

Drive Bays

  • External 5.25” Bay x 1
  • Internal 3.5” Bay x 3

Expansion Slots

  • 4 Slots / Low Profile


  • 80mm Case Fan x 2

Front Connection

  • High Definition Audio x 2 (AC 97 compliance)
  • All in one Card Reader (SDHC 2.0 compliance – high capacity & speed)
  • USB 2.0 x 2
  • LCD Display (Optional, not included)
  • Optional 20X2 Programmable LCD display module with Internal USB connector, support Windows, Media Center Edition 2005, Vista and Vista Media Center Edition operating system. (MODEL# PRO-LCD)


Retail Packaging and Included Extras

NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review - Cases and Cooling 33

The NMediaPC 1080P case comes in a very unimpressive retail packaging. There is no graphics or studio photos of the case to speak off and all the text and the company logo is printed using a horrible purple ink. Very unattractive to say the least. At least the fragile stickers add some color to this box.


NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review - Cases and Cooling 34

Here is the back panel of the retail packaging. At least they listed the basic case specifications, but I wouldn’t be inclined to purchase this case for my home theater setup if I could at least see a picture of it before purchasing it. Someone needs to have a Marketing 101 talk with some of the NMediaPC reps so they understand that a good marketing campaign can really help your product sell to a consumer base that is dominated by people who buy things based on their visual aesthetics almost more than how the product functions or costs.


NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review - Cases and Cooling 35

The case is shipped between several layers of foam and it is encased in a soft bag to ensure it isn’t scratched or damaged during shipping. At least their shipping advisors got something right with the retail packaging.


NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review - Cases and Cooling 36

Here’s a quick shot of the overall shipping material NMediaPC used to send us the 1080P. The way the unit was packed was according to industry standards, but the way the exterior box graphics and features were done was appalling.


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