Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Final Thoughts

NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review - Cases and Cooling 33

The NMediaPC 1080P seems to be a solid, low-cost HTPC solution that has plenty of expandability options for storage and other hardware upgrades. We were impressed with the hard drive cages and the ability to use a full ATX power supply in our build. We would have liked to include a low-profile graphics card and TV tuner, but didn’t have any available at the time we accomplished this review. But, to NMediaPC’s credit, there is plenty of real estate to add this without cramping the rest of the components in the case. 


NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review - Cases and Cooling 34

The overall design and construction concepts used in this case creates a streamlined home theater PC that will blend in well with any entertainment center or home theater. I was impressed with the quality of the case for having a $59.99 price tag. The front power and reset buttons were really set off by the blue and red LEDs too.



NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review - Cases and Cooling 35

We’d like to thank NMediaPC for providing the 1080P HTPC case for our review today. I was a bit apprehensive when I initially saw the retail packaging for this case, but thankfully the case itself stands on it own in regards to its design and construction. The matte black finish combined with a flashy black plastic front bezel really sets off this case and makes it look like a typical receiver or Blu-ray player you might see on the shelf of any person’s home theater system. The sliding door on the front panel seemed sturdy enough for extended use too, and the addition of a media card reader is very functional. 

I would have liked the case to be bundled with the optional LCD display, but I know it helped keep the cost down for NMediaPC. The addition of two 80mm fans, and room for two more fans, will help keep the components in this case cool enough for watching high-definition movies or even gaming for extended hours of use. Overall, this case is well constructed and provides the right amount of features for budget multimedia users looking to upgrade to a sleek, low-profile HTPC case.



  • Very affordable
  • Solid construction and design
  • Good airflow properties
  • Easy installation



  • Possible cable management issues with non-modular PSUs
  • Airflow could be impeded by bad cable management
  • LCD display not standard with case purchase

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