The OCZ Enyo 128GB USB 3.0 isn’t quite a thumb drive though it is not all that much larger physically though at $390 it is significantly more expensive.  It is an SSD drive, managed by the Indilinx Barefoot controller which helps bring up the price and a fully functional USB 3.0 connection also comes at a premium.  That does mean compressed files transfer more slowly than uncompressed, though either speed is still relatively impressive as you can see at Tweaktown.

“OCZ Technology has taken both USB 3.0 and solid state to a new level by combining the two and delivered a product worthy of the SuperSpeed namesake. The OCZ Enyo is a sleek portable storage product that is small enough to hide in your shirt pocket, but is large enough to store up to 256GB of data, or the equivalent of 32 full on DVD rips.”

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