While Zacate does seem imply that AMD is making Spanish Hay it is equally likely they are continuing their Age of Aquarius and referencing a certain creek that runs through Laredo, Texas. According to SemiAccurate what it is as far as we are concerned is a low power Accelerated Processing Unit that will be appearing in AMD’s soon to be released Vision platform.  This is over and above the Llano and Orochi lines that Ryan has been reporting on.

“IT’S MORE POWER to AMD’s Fusion range as the company has announced today at IFA 2010 the Zacate 18W Accelerated Processor Unit (APU). Zacate is rated at twice the power draw of AMD’s previously announced APU Ontario, which consumes 9W.

The higher power consumption is due to the higher frequency Zacate will run at, but AMD declined to reveal that. What AMD did tell The INQUIRER in a one-on-one briefing at IFA 2010 is that Zacate will be in Vision branded nettop and low-power desktop systems in the latter half of 2011, with chips shipping to manufacturers in the first half of the year. Zacate will also tip up eventually in 11-inch notebooks and above.”

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