The old A8 Cortex chip is looking rather dated compared to the new Tegra 2 chip featuring a pair of Cortex A9 chips, bringing dual core to mobile phones everywhere.  Along with the second processor that will be helping handle the load this is also ARM’s first chip that can handle out of order instructions, a feature which will bring significant performance improvements.  AnandTech could tease much information about the graphical performance though, apart from a vague five times faster than the previous generation there is not much information forthcoming.

“Last night LG announced that it would be using NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 in its Optimus Series smartphones starting in Q4 2010. The most exciting part of Tegra 2 is its use of two ARM Cortex A9 cores. The Cortex A9 is ARM’s first out-of-order architecture and should deliver a performance boost similar, at worst, to what we saw in the ARM11 to Cortex A8 transition. But NVIDIA isn’t the only company working on a Cortex A9 SoC.”

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