Maybe it is just that the expectations we have for PCP&P are a little high here at PC Perspective, even after they were bought out by OCZ Technology but the Silencer Mk II 950W PSU did not receive a shiny review here.  For a company that has won many awards in the past having AC ripple and noise that was noticeably, even if it remained within spec, seems like a failing grade for a PSU maker with history of quality of PCP&P.  That is not to say it is an awful PSU as it is not, but read through Lee’s notes on it before purchasing one.

“The Silencer Mk II 950W PSU is certainly a good power supply but doesn’t live up to the high standards that PC Power & Cooling has established for themselves over the years. The two main weaknesses in our opinion are mediocre AC ripple and noise suppression and a high selling price. There are several other PSUs currently on the market in this power range that offer similar or better performance at a lower price.”

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