DDR3 is not really that old but has finally overtaken DDR2 for the first choice in memory for new systems.  Just like its predecessors, as the DDR3 standard matures manufacturers can get higher frequencies out of their DIMMs and of course charge a premium for those high speed kits.  Kingston has been rather forceful in pushing DDR3 to its current limitations and they have just released two new kits.  The highest end kit hit 2.5GHz @ 9-11-9-27 during the quick overclocking experiment InsideHW performed.

“A few months ago, we tested Kingston’s infamous HyperX 2133 CL8. This was the best and most expensive memory money could buy at the moment. Since competition hardly rested on their laurels, it was expected for more manufacturers to appear on the market with 2133 MHz models. The reputed manufacturer such as Kingston wouldn’t be as reputed if they hadn’t had the custom of surprising us just when we thought that a certain memory technology has hit its peak, in this case, DDR3. The competition was going around 2200 MHz, when Kingston decided to send us two kits of its newest memory, declared to 2333 and 2400 MHz, respectively…”

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