When Josh first laid eyes on the Asus Crosshair IV Formula 890FX he felt that it was perhaps a little too gussied up for his tastes.  There was a distinct lack of fuchsia, but the heatsinks looked unnaturally large and the slots were inconveniently placed for when he needed to push certain buttons.  That did not last and he ended up falling in love with the board, in part because of the beautiful accessories that came along for the ride.

“Unlike the previous Crosshair III, which really was not that much of an upgrade over their standard 790FX board, the Crosshair IV takes design to a whole new level. The added features, greater usability, and outstanding overclocking features and performance make this one of the premier AMD boards out there. It is very much on the same level as the MSI 890FXA-G70, but the two have enough differences between them so as to offer something unique to the user.”

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