When a PC goes bad sometimes it is not terribly obvious what happened and you end up investigating in odd ways.  Often your ears clue you in, as you hear a fan die or a head crash on a HDD.  Other times it is your eyes that spot a bulging capacitor or a burn mark on your CPU, other times it is your fingers finding a short or noticing that an IC on the motherboard is scorching hot.  One sense that you don’t always consider can also be a great help; your nose

Once you’ve tracked a problem down you can use our newly condensed forum navigation to track down helpfull solutions.  Any and all of your motherboard issues can be posted to the Motherboard Forum, be it Intel or AMD.  Processors and graphics cards are of course the same way, united in fact if not in spirit.  Our other Forums remain the same, most have been united for quite a while and with the quality of people here at PC Perspective there have been very few fights!

For fights you are best of checking the PC Perspective Podcast as the four of us never get along.