Corsair brings the price down

Corsair is known more from their SSDs, coolers and cases than memory these days, and the company’s commitment to enthusiast products continues with the Graphite Series 600T. This full-size case is able to offer a ton of features for a price well below Corsair’s previous designs.
Corsair is at it again with another new case geared towards enthusiasts, this time for those of us on a budget.  The new Graphite Series 600T takes a lot of the features that made the Corsair Obsidian cases so great but combines them with a plastic/metal design that is smaller, lower cost but just as nice to work in.  Check out our full video perspective on the 600T below!

You can find the Corsair 600T selling today for about $160 online which should put it well within the reach of nearly every gamer on the market.  The fit and finish inside the case is very high quality though the feeling of ‘plastic’ is still there, especially if you have one of Corsair’s own 700D/800D systems sitting around.  None the less, Corsair’s own internal enthusiasts have obviously spent a lot of time design a case they would want to use; and it just so happens it is one WE would want to use as well.

Yes, we do miss some of features like the front-accessible hot-swap bays but in reality the 600T matches the 800D and 700D stride for stride in the most critical areas.