Amulet Devices’ Remote Controlis billed as a way to allow you to control your various A/V devices with the power of your voice.  As all of us have encountered voice recognition software on the phone at some point, this may make your skin crawl imagining bring that experience to your TV viewing.  At an MSRP of $249 the number of people willing to take the plunge will be limited, though Missing Remote did get some good use out of it.  Picking up the remote to tell your machine to pause is not terribly useful but telling it to jump 10 minutes and having it do so is a far more useful feature.  Unfortunately it still won’t come when you call it, you still have to find it yourself.

” ‘Voice activated.’ In the past just the words alone have made many cringe as implementations have been fairly weak and suffered from a myriad of different variables in the environment which made performance lackluster. Amulet Devices looks to change that with their own Remote Control and Media Center (MC) software implementation by embedding a microphone inside the remote as well as designing their own interface for controlling it. The potential for voice has always been there, and it looks like Amulet may be the first to get it right.”

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