An SSD is pretty much the upgrade of choice right now and like most other choice upgrades it requires a steep investment.  In response many SSD manufacturers are putting out rather small SSDs that can’t hold as much data as the more expensive drives and aren’t quite as fast but are much more affordable.  To help give you a leg up, Tech Spot has gathered together seven drives between 32GB to 40GB and all under $150.  From OCZ are the Agility 2 40GB, Vertex 2 40GB and the Onyx 64GB and Onyx 32GB versions.  You will also see the ADATA S596 Turbo 32GB, Intel’s X25-V 40GB and the Kingston SNV425-S2 64GBRead on to see which offers the best value.

“Recently there has been a surging demand for solid state drives that sacrifice space for speed and more affordable price tags, and manufacturers have been racing to deliver just that. Most of the drives featured in this round-up offer 32GB – 40GB capacities, while a few others top out at 64GB. As limiting as a 32GB drive might appear, they can still be extremely useful in enhancing a PC’s performance when set to run as the boot drive. These smaller drives can also accommodate for select programs where they can greatly speed up the use of the application, for example, Adobe Photoshop.”

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