The Rosewill RK-V1TP is a multimedia keyboard and a touchpad combined into one extra deep package.  The keyboard has all the keys you would expect on a standard 88 key board and the touchpad can handle seven different gestures.  The unfortunate result of the multi-gesture interpretation is that the touchpad can not act like a normal touchpad which Bjorn3D found to be a drawback.  Check the full review to see if you agree.

“Though keyboards are not as glamorous or as expensive as CPUs or video cards, they are an indispensable piece of hardware that we rely on daily. After all, what use is the best CPU in the world, if we have nothing to control it with? A keyboard with poor tactile response or awkward spacing simply will not get the job done in a comfortable manner. Some keyboards are sticky or stiff, requiring users to press hard on the keys. Others have awkard key placement, resulting in gross misspellings and grammatical carnage.”

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